I woke up this morning with a craving for a delectable scent.  So, as usual, I went to the internet and looked up my favourite perfumes and checked reviews.  The craving remained…  maybe because the feeling of a Saturday morning is difficult to capture via the written word.  To compensate for the lack of sensory input, I will simply list down the scents that come to mind right now and let the imagination replace the olfactory hunger.  Here are my favourite scents, which I call “delicascents” (delicacy + scent):

1.  The smell of a baby or of a toddler who just woke up and stumbled onto you with a big hug

(no dirty diapers please)


2.  Bare skin with a slight hint of sweat – again, preferably the newly woken up smell


3.  The smell of a worn T-shirt – my mom used to have one of these beside her pillow all the time; Reminds me of my mom though I prefer to smell her in person


4.  Sweet rain and fluffy snowfall – on the pavement, in the woods, at the marketplace… wherever


The sunrise snowfall picture is by Karina Hunter, who submitted it to National Geographic.

5.  Baby powder – reminds me of a newly bathed baby


6.  Coconut anything – I have been wearing coconut scented oil and sprays for over 20 years.  This love affair was not so much about smelling good, but because the smell reminded me of the Pacific islands from where I grew up.  This is a small antidote to homesickness, and part of my identity.  A fragrant statement of my heritage regardless of how it actually smells on me.  I use it in every form… perfume, spray, body butter, oil, cream, lotion…


7.  Bakeries – need I say more?


8.  An old piano – that musty smell of lovingly used antique furniture


9.  Antique books – again, the musty smell of old paper; It makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time


10.  Nirmala by the House of Molinard (France), from the Les Feminines line – a favourite perfume, second only to coconut


11.  Fluido Satinante por il Corpo alla Vaniglia – from the “Beauty Collection” made by Biocoter s.a.s. – Biassono (MI) – bought this thick lotion at a small department store in Verona, Italy about 10 years ago.  I use this very sparingly and still have a little bit left in that one bottle.  I don’t care if it’s expired, it still smells heavenly today.

I don’t think they carry this product anymore, but you can view their other products at this link:

12.  Fiesta – the smells emanating from preparations for a town fiesta; a combination of baking, cooking, roasting, and happily busy people; the smell of celebratory anticipation.


(The girl’s picture was shot by Rudi Roel)

13.  The ocean, the sea – this one is hard to explain but easily experienced on a quiet beach.  It makes me think that peace, if it had a fragrance, would smell like this.


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