Eye Cream Reviews

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Inspired by experiences of scanning countless back labels to choose one eye cream amongst the multitudes in bath & beauty aisles, it was catharsis to buy several eye creams instead!  Then follows the excitement of knowing that trying out these creams will take a few months as each delectable gram of cream makes its way to the thin layer of susceptible under-eye epidermis.  As usual, I prefer to use more natural products and report back on their effectiveness.


•Under-eye skin – some darkness and sunken-ness due to lack of sleep, puffy in the morning, and age
•Wrinkles – moderate depth but not numerous
•Creams – not specifically anti-aging although may contain anti-wrinkle properties


2013 May to December – approximately 2 months per cream.

Price range – $10 to $47


1. Natural Being Manuka Honey Eye Cream

This eye cream feels rich, luxurious, and unpretentious.  Using it every morning left the under-eye skin supple and moist all day.  No dry tightness evident at any point.  This Vitamin E-rich cream hails from the deep south that is New Zealand and is a wonderful representative of how effective simplicity can be.  The skin becomes visibly soft.


Its ingredients are completely natural.  According to the manufacturer, “You will never find synthetic preservatives, parabens, harsh chemicals, artificial colors or artificial fragrances in our products.  Just pure natural skincare as certified by BDIH, Germany. The Natural Being range is proudly made and packaged in New Zealand.”  Find them at http://www.naturalbeingskincare.com – approximately $16.

2.  Cocoon Apothecary Eye Waken

Again, a Canadian find!  This cream feels like whipped butter for the skin, glides on smooth, and lasts all day.  Its moisturizing and ‘awakening’ qualities can be readily felt the moment you put it on.  The wrinkle-softening effects are noticeable as well.

cocoon apothecary eyewaken cream

Created with non-toxic natural ingredients only, its manufacturer’s website boasts “flower powered organic skin care”.  You will be awed at the original combinations that its founder has concocted.  Visit them at http://www.cocoonapothecary.com and find them also at The Big Carrot.  Roughly $30 with the new package.

3. Therapy Range Eye Serum

Another Southern creation from New Zealand, this recipe is a boon to oil-lovers.  Delivered via a roll-on vial, this rosehip and lavender serum is spread in measured doses which leave the skin moisturized.  An effective emollient, the under-eye is left feeling smooth and soft, and wrinkles stand out less.

Aromatherapy Therapy Range Eye Serum

Rosehip and Lavender oils are its main ingredients, along with Pomegranate oil.  Thus, it bursts with “omega oils and essential fatty acids”.  While this serum continues to be available at Amazon online, the parent company – The Aromatherapy Co. – appears to have replaced this with the “Rosehip Wand” which is made with the same main ingredients.  Visit them at http://www.thearomatherapycompany.co.nz – Roughly $24.

4. Nature’s Pearl Skin Renewal Serum

Muscadine 20 Skin Renewal Serum – a concentrate of muscadine grape seed extract designed to deliver anti-aging and skin renewing benefits. This serum, used right after cleansing, gave the feeling of tightening and firming.  In the first few seconds, it may seem like the serum is sticky but that changes quickly as the serum sets.


This serum is an all-around product that can be used on different parts of the body.  For this trial, the product was used on the face, neck, and eye areas and was found effective at moisturizing and lightening wrinkle depth after extended use.  It’s almost hard to believe that this is a 100% natural product which is certified Toxic-Free by the Toxic Free Foundation.  Retail cost: $46.95 USD http://www.naturespearlproducts.com  [Disclosure:  this blogger is also a distributor of this product.]

5.  Inositol Vegetal Line Smoothing Eye Cream

Yves Rocher was targeting the under 30 market when they came out with this creamy product.  It was intriguing, so I tried it anyway and it felt glorious!  The cream has a beige-ey colour, which likely helps with lightening darkened under-eye skin.  The most outstanding feature of the cream is its ability to lighten and minimize puffiness.  These two alone will keep it popular for hangover days.

yves rocher inositol eye cream

Made by Yves Rocher, the now-large botanical-based skincare and makeup manufacturer based in France.  Yves Rocher has had enormous success since starting out in North America with only a mail-order line.  Find an Yves Rocher store near you or visit http://www.yvesrocher.ca – It can also be bought on Amazon between $30-$40.


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