Bread “discovery”

This morning’s contemplation on breakfast was more difficult than normal. Most mornings at the cafeteria meant choosing among the breakfast platters with eggs, toast, and a potential side of bacon. The “caf” also boasts a selection of bagels which, unfortunately, do not even manage to remind me of the mouth-watering hand-rolled and wood-fired delicacies from Montreal. These bagels are the cakey, commercial, versions. But they have had to do.

Today, however, a customer ahead of me in line received scrumptious-looking toast and I was told this was the caf’s multi grain bread. Well… a change in pace from the usual toasted cheese bagel with butter and spicy havarti. I’ve wondered previously whether the caf had healthier choices than bagels, with better taste than their light rye. I hope I am making a better choice with this nice and fluffy multi-grain bread. And with just a touch of butter, it most certainly is my fave caf bread now.

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