Sequoia Body Lotions

The first time I encountered sweetgrass was when a half-Ojibwe co-worker gave me a braided sweetgrass circle during the holidays.  It was a very thoughtful gift and I was so shocked that sweetgrass really does smell sweet!  Wow.  Until then, I’ve only ever smelled grass-odoured grass, that same smell from juicing stations that put shots of wheatgrass into their pureed concoctions.

braided sweetgrass circle
Braided sweetgrass tied into a circle


Of course I needed to know more about sweetgrass.  Where is it from?  Does it smell sweet in the wild and where can I get more?  It turns out that sweetgrass still grows in the wild and smells very sweet only at particular times.  Harvesting them for their scent means that people need to collect them during specific seasons.  For more information about sweetgrass, you can begin with this link:

If you’re like me and love sweetgrass but don’t want to grow your own, you can purchase sweetgrass-scented body care items from indigenous-owned and run organizations.  While shopping for mukluks at an indigenous online shop, I was so happy to find Sweetgrass Lotion!  The lotion is made by Sequoia, a U.S.-based indigenous-owned company and, at that time, it was being sold by Silver Mocassin (


I purchased two (2) lotions: Sweetgrass-scented lotion and Red Clover-scented lotion.  Right away, the beautiful and intoxicating scents will envelope you!  The lotions are made of natural ingredients and have a medium viscosity, which works for the face too!  These lotions are glorious on the skin and linger gently throughout the day.   Highly recommended!  You can get the lotions directly from the manufacturer ( or from Silver Mocassin.

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