Treasure salt

The thought of salt as a treasure has been lingering in my mind for decades. But it didn't really come into form as a thought-to-explore until much later. One day, I was watching a show about spices and the host of the show mentioned that if there was something he couldn't live without, it would... Continue Reading →

Sequoia Body Lotions

The first time I encountered sweetgrass was when a half-Ojibwe co-worker gave me a braided sweetgrass circle during the holidays.  It was a very thoughtful gift and I was so shocked that sweetgrass really does smell sweet!  Wow.  Until then, I've only ever smelled grass-odoured grass, that same smell from juicing stations that put shots... Continue Reading →

Eye Cream Reviews

(Life got busy so this post was delayed :-D) Inspired by experiences of scanning countless back labels to choose one eye cream amongst the multitudes in bath & beauty aisles, it was catharsis to buy several eye creams instead!  Then follows the excitement of knowing that trying out these creams will take a few months... Continue Reading →

Birth Language

When was the last time you spoke the language of your birth? That language that is the birthright of all earthlings... When was the last time you sensed the kind of acceptance that does not ask you for age, rank, education, and experience? The kind of acceptance to which all your psychological defense mechanisms fall... Continue Reading →

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