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  • mundane (definition) – a) pertaining to this world; Earth and b) ordinary, common.

The Majestic Mundane is an ongoing chronicle on the extraordinariness of ordinary nature. The natural world is so easy to take for granted, to commodify, to trivialize. Here’s hoping that the thoughts by this insatiable distractable mind can help emphasize the beauty in the bland and influence a progressively uncovering respect for the complexities that make nature appear so simple.

  • Celebrating nature, thoughts, feelings, things, and people who make the mundane, magnificent — to experience peaks of the extraordinary in the everyday.

A way to give thanks for the small miracles that grace the visibly invisible.
A gratitude journal. A natural product list.  Myriad “wonderings” and “wanderings”.
An infinitely distracted collection of disconnected writing about the greatness of a breeze or the intricacy of markings on the hardwood floor.
No expectations except to be happy in the moment and sharing those moments with you.

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