be Delectable – New from Cake Beauty

Hardly the department store shopper, I set upon attending the by-invitation-only pre-opening of a nearby Target with some skepticism.  As expected, the merchandise were neatly organized and enticingly displayed.  Having made a quick mental checklist of what was missing from my toiletries bag before leaving the house, I took the quickest route to the natural product lines in the cosmetic and skin/body/hair care aisles.

The usual players were there:  Burt’s Bees, Physician’s Formula, Live Clean, Alba, Jason, etc.  As I scoured through a variety of “freshly” bottled delicacies, I stumbled upon a new brand I’ve never seen before called, “be Delectable”.  Even before I checked the ingredients lists, what struck me right away were the scents that these products came in — coconut & cream, lemon & cream, vanilla & cream, and strawberry & cream.  I hastily took a whiff of each line’s hair & body mist (no I didn’t spray it, I just uncapped them slightly and smelled the aroma then quickly recapped them) to check their palatability (is that a word?).  In a word, delicious!

Driven by such scent sensibility, I prayed that the ingredients list would be equally attractive.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  This new line by Cake Beauty – developed exclusively for Target – was not only aromatic but also, good for you!  They are made with 90 to 95% natural ingredients.  Also, at less than $15 per product, you will find something to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your budget.

The packaging states that these products are “free of: parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, GMO’s, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, triclosan.”  Enriched with luxurious natural goodness found in coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera (to name a few), I greedily snatched items from the coconut & cream line.  I took home the hair & body mist, body lotion, and 2 hand creams (Yes 2!  One for the office, one for home).

Getting home, I was excited to try them out and quickly put on the hand cream and hair & body mist.  The hand cream had superb moisturization which did not leave my hands greasy or oily-looking.  The hair & body mist’s subtle scent stayed with me for hours after, and the body lotion left my skin wonderfully soft and dewy.  They will surely become a staple of my overnight bag and everyday hygiene!  The best part?  100% Canadian.

If you like to smell yummy and sweet and have great skin at the same time, then you will love these!  Someone will want to cuddle up to you (which is not so bad with these cold and icy Canadian winters)!

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